Linkedin prospector

Perfect Outbound for LinkedIn

Target the active and growing list of Buyers on LinkedIn. Done-for-you.

Create targeted and personalized lead generation campaigns.

Fully utilizing LinkedIn (including Sales Navigator) is not feasible without automation. Manually reaching out to a precise list of active buyers = Not timely and Not Scalable. Even for the best sales reps building a network and prospecting on LinkedIn, often falls by the wayside.

On average, our customers see 10-20 demos a month by tapping into the vast network of high-intent decision makers on LinkedIn.

active buyers

Sales Rep creates criteria

Robot finds ideal LinkedIn profiles to target

Robot cross references contact details across various sources

Robot initiates a sequence

Robot continues the process all the way to CRM

Explore Premium Features

Stay current with your sales sales strategy

Build the right relationships

Start real conversations with targeted prospects naturally and automatically as scale.

Clean, current data

Stop filling your CRM with incorrect data. Lead Prospector gathers data from different sources and gives you the insight you and your team need to prioritize and connect.

Avoid added headcount

What would have taken you and your team hours, the Lead Prospector can do it in minutes. That frees your team 65% more to actually sell vs trying to prospect. 

Multi-channel outreach

Combine LinkedIn and email to 3x your response rates by reaching leads harmoniously from different sources. All email providers are supported. You can be up and running today.

Stand out

By adding personalized GIFs and images.  Double engagement using dynamic images from Hyperise. Hyper-personalization at scale!

“Smart Behavior” sequences

Allow you to create scenarios based on the leads’ behavior. Combine 10 different actions per sequence. Set time, delays, and as many steps as is effective. Use conditions to create different outcomes based on lead behavior.

Integration just clicks away

Whether through Zapier style webhooks or full API connection to your CRM or marketing platform like HubSpot, Pipedrive, or Salesforce.

Automate nurture drip campaigns

With “smart conditions” and set time delays, conditions and boost.

Import, Create Flow, Review, Launch…

Test campaigns, audiences, connection request notes, and message templates in multiple campaigns to continue growing the lead volume.

Advanced LinkedIn Analytics

Whether through ZEvaluate your overall LinkedIn performance by viewing detailed LinkedIn stats and metrics including LinkedIn engagement rate, profile usage statistics, campaign activity – all from your Plena control Panel
- Daily Usage Stats - get immediate notifications on new connection requests, unread messages from leads, and profile views
- Observe Recent Activity – Review the timeline of recent LinkedIn actions and control your LinkedIn activity on your main LinkedIn analytics page
- View Campaign Performance — watch acceptance and response rates, as well as other crucial metricsapier style webhooks or full API connection to your CRM or marketing platform like HubSpot, Pipedrive, or Salesforce.

Onboard Team members

With the Plena control panel. Assign roles, view team campaign performance, Detailed analytics of each team member. See campaigns they’ve created with important metrics and conversion rates.

LinkedIn Exporter

- Export LinkedIn contacts to CSV file
- View leads data in your personal “Leads” tab
- Group leads by actions and filter by campaign.

Smart control panel

lets you manage your LinkedIn conversations without leaving the tool avoiding the social media distractions for you and your team. - Prioritize which conversations as important
- Add, edit and delete notes on profiles of your leads with just a few clicks

Natural use algorithm

Keep your LinkedIn account safe using algorithmic indicators or natural use such as pageviews, button clicks, and delays.
- Cloud Based Performance so data is not lost and protected by “XYZ” encryption.
- Uses unique and local IP address to you.
- From your local region assigned to your Dripify account to make sure all LinkedIn actions are made naturally without causing suspicion
- Activity restrictions allow the gradual, natural use of LinkedIn to let you grow linked to allow for 800 InMail messages a month.

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Question we get asked

How can I try Plena?

Simply submit your valid business contact information and we’ll hook you up with a trial account and preloaded credits.

Does Plena have the highest data quality?

Plena is a software robot. We take the approach of sourcing and validating data from multiple sources (top industry providers). Hence you can rest easy knowing you’re getting the best of whatever is available.

I have ZoomInfo. Why do I need Plena?

ZoomInfo is just one of the leading data providers. However, the Plena robot enriches & verifies data from multiple sources (including your ZoomInfo account) in order to generate the highest quality list. Enrich your ZoomInfo list with buyer’s intent, LinkedIn profile information, personal emails and cell numbers, and much more.

Every day without Plena = Lost Sales

With Plena- List Building, Contact Enrichment and Scalable Outreach becomes the easy part.