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$1,250/ quarter

$250/ month

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  • 1 Sales Robot
  • Lead Sources:LinkedIn, File Upload
  • Option to scrape any custom site (eg. trade show attendees, reviews, etc.)
  • Channels: Email, LinkedIn
  • Enrichments: Full LinkedIn Details, Limited Contact Details
  • AI Filters: None
  • Message Types: Dynamic templates, Fixed text
  • 1,000 bot credits / month

$3,000/ quarter

$750/ month

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  • 1 Sales Robot
  • Lead Sources: LinkedIn, Sales Navigator, Google Maps, File Upload, Account List, Event Lists, LinkedIn Groups, *Your* website visitors, *Your* Ads/landing page visitors, Apollo, ZoomInfo, Seamless AI
  • Option to scrape any custom webpage
  • Channels: Email, Text(SMS), Call, VM, LinkedIn, Sales Navigator, Google Ads, YouTube, Meta Ads
  • Enrichments: 55 data points (person & business level)
  • AI Filters: ICP Filters, Intent signals for ANY keyword
  • High intent/active buyer notifications
  • Message Types: Templates, AI Personalized, Fixed text
  • 800 inMail credits / month
  • 2,500 bot credits / month

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Common questions we get asked

1.  How can I try Plena?

Simply submit your valid business contact information, and we’ll hook you up with a trial account with preloaded credits.

2.  Does Plena have the highest data quality?

Plena is an AI robot. We take the approach of sourcing and validating data from multiple sources (top industry providers). Hence you can rest easy knowing you’re getting the best of whatever is available.

3.  I have ZoomInfo, why do I need Plena?

ZoomInfo is just one of the leading data providers. However, the Plena robot enriches & verifies data from multiple sources (including your ZoomInfo account) in order to generate the highest quality list. Enrich your ZoomInfo list with buyer’s intent, LinkedIn profile information, personal emails and cell numbers, and much more.