Lead Harvester

multi-source List Building

LinkedIn + Top Contact Providers + Public websites 

Mo Sources Mo Quality

LinkedIn is the #1 network of Professional profiles. People actively update their job details along with hundreds of other data points. We always start our list-building using LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

Don't lock yourself into a contract with just one provider. Cross-reference contact-info across multiple providers. No single company has the "best data". Curate your list by leveraging the best on a case-by-case basis.

Robot crawls the internet

Plenty of useful data is available on public websites. This is gathered by Google along with state and local agencies for business registration, personnel verification, motor vehicle registration, etc. Plena robots are constantly monitoring aforementioned sites and extracting valuable information.

One-Click Process

Use your precious time wisely. Always Be Closing. Let the robots build, verify and deliver the most accurate list to your inbox. Your time is worth infinitely more than you think... we promise! 

One-Click List building

Use your precious time to close deals. Robots will build, verify and deliver the most detailed list to your inbox. Your time is worth infinitely more than you think!

Why Plena?

There are countless sales tools that overpromise and underdeliver. At Plena we only promise what we control: Technology. Useful data is scattered across the internet. Every provider claims to be "Number 1". However, depending on the filter criteria- performance of individual providers fluctuate. Using intelligent engineering, we combine all the sources, and then cherry-pick the most accurate data.

At Plena we tell you how everything works. You can be confident that you're getting the best of what's available. Sometimes the best available data might not be sufficient for your needs; But at least, you get to decide that for yourself.

Software Company
Robots explore the internet 24 x 7
Plena can pull from 12+ Sources
100% match with LinkedIn
Only need one button: Export
High-Intent and Target Buyers


Data buying/selling company
Minimal verification
Stuck with just one source
Not Synced with LinkedIn
Time consuming search
Not high-intent buyers list
Trusted by Industry Leaders

Question we get asked

How can I try Plena?

Simply submit your valid business contact information and we’ll hook you up with a trial account and preloaded credits.

Does Plena have the highest data quality?

Plena is a software robot. We take the approach of sourcing and validating data from multiple sources (top industry providers). Hence you can rest easy knowing you’re getting the best of whatever is available.

I have ZoomInfo (for example). Why do I need Plena?

ZoomInfo is just one of the leading data providers. However, the Plena robot enriches & verifies data from multiple sources (including your ZoomInfo account) in order to generate the highest quality list. Enrich your ZoomInfo list with buyer’s intent, LinkedIn profile information, personal emails and cell numbers, and much more.

Every day without Plena = Lost Sales

With Plena- List Building, Contact Enrichment and Scalable Outreach becomes the easy part.